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ArtGlass Supplies by Paula Radke

Since 1980, I have been creating and selling beautiful ArtGlass clay supplies and dichroic glass beads for jewelry making. Unlike corporations, I put in all of my time, effort and money it takes to make my work as beautiful and stunning as possible.

Working independently, I create dichroic glass beads that are completely unique to me; nowhere else in the world can beads like mine be found. Each piece is handmade and is crafted with the utmost attention and highest quality of materials, making each bead all the more rare and valuable. At Paula Radke ArtGlass, I don’t rush through the process – each piece is as important to me as the last, and each is meant to be perfect.

I also create ArtGlass Clay that can be molded in a variety of ways and used for a multitude of purposes, including lampworking. I currently have a teaching certification to show art teachers how to use ArtGlass Clay, and I also travel around the country to different venues to teach others how to use it. I have been training at art studios and classrooms for five years, and am available for on-site trainings all throughout the U.S.

Check out my selection of ArtGlass Clay supplies and dichroic glass beads, and feel free to contact me today if you have any questions or to learn more about this beautiful art form!