Of course, one is wise to use nature as a source of pure design.

…the subtle colors of the rainbow or sunset

…the shapes and textures in orchids, sea life

…the iridescence of beetles, butterfly, bird feathers, fish

…Perfection of design by nature in glass by

Paula Radke

Dichroic Glass Beads

Art Glass Clay

Paula Radke Originals

“Paula is an amazing artist.

Her love and creativity for what she does is beyond words…”

Diane P.

Radio Interview on public Radio KCBX

I had the pleasure of giving an interview on public radio station KCBX to Carissa Hewitt on her program called “Ears on Art”.

It’s National American Beer Day.

If you start seeing this, DO NOT DRIVE! But do be supportive!  It’s one of those Holidays that no one should have to work on.

How ArtGlass Clay is different from Freeze and Fuse or Polar Fuse.

I often hear people saying that they can make glass clay or it’s just the same as Freeze and Fuse or Polar Fuse.  My response is yes, you can make a form of glass clay and yes Freeze and Fuse works to create 3D glasswork. The ArtGlass Clay that I offer has a couple of…