Renowned Glass Artist

Paula Radke

About Paula Radke

As a very young girl, Paula Radke, knew creating with her hands was going to be her path. An influential teacher in grade school opened her world to creative driven passion through silversmithing, printmaking, ceramics, watercolor and drawing.

In the early 1980’s, Paula discovered glass making. She studied with Boyce Lundstrom at Camp Colton, Oregon and the alchemy of glass has kept her attentions for three decades.

Paula was an early contributor to the Glass Bead Makers Movement in the early 90’s. She handcrafts beads using the ancient techniques of the Italian masters but uses a glass that became well known in the 1990’s-Dichroic Glass. Paula designed a line of beads and pendants for Michaels’ Arts and Craft stores, Hobby Lobby and Joanne’s Craft Stores nationwide.

Paula now resides in Morro Bay, California. She has a small gallery and a large studio in which classes in glass making are often offered.

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