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March 7th, 2016

Firing Schedule for ArtGlass Clay

Make sure your piece is comletely dry.

Program your kiln:

600F per hour to 1325F hold 20-25 mins

Be sure to peek in the kiln when you are at the high end of the firing.  Every kiln is different.  Brick kilns take longer to heat up and cool down.  I use a Jen Ken Bonnie Glo kiln and it is all fiber.  I prefer fiber because it heats up quickly and cools down at just the right rate.  If you have any brick in your kiln make sure you dump the heat at the finish of your firing and stabalize below melting point (1250F).  The brick will hold the heat too high and further melt the glass when you may be thinking it is finished melting.

The hold time is for desired shine.  If you want a matt finish, hold less or not at all.  If you are doing a texture plate piece and want it flat, you can hold longer or go a little higher than 1325F.  Be conservative with your changes, watch closely and record results for the first couple of firings.  You will get to know how your kiln works with ArtGlass Clay and be able to set and forget after a few firings.  Again, if you have any brick in your kiln you will need to be there to vent when completed to avoid over heating the glass and losing texture.

Any questions, email me!

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