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June 28th, 2017

How ArtGlass Clay is different from Freeze and Fuse or Polar Fuse.

I often hear people saying that they can make glass clay or it’s just the same as Freeze and Fuse or Polar Fuse.  My response is yes, you can make a form of glass clay and yes Freeze and Fuse works to create 3D glasswork.

The ArtGlass Clay that I offer has a couple of things going for it that make it very exciting to me.  I have worked long and hard on this product and I will tell you why I love working with it.

First, I mill each color 48 hours in a ball mill to make the particles as fine as powdered sugar.  This give you a very smooth surface in your finished pieces.  

Secondly, I have tried dozens of binders.  CMC, Aloe, ect.  If you can think of it I have tried it.  I have a binding agent that does not change the color of the glass.

Third factoid.  When an ArtGlass Clay piece is dried, you can sand it, carve it, add to it.  You can perfect the shape of your finished piece before firing so that no coldworking is required.  Holes can be drilled with a file in seconds in a dried piece or pierced while wet and refined after drying.

Fourth fun fact.  You can use texture plates to create the most fabulous designs in as many colors as you want or just two.


Yes, I do freeze my silicone molds to release the clay.

My firing schedule is simple and works for any size piece you make.

I have done hollow core pieces.

You can marble several colors together with control.

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